Author: Veronica

De La Cruz Collection

With two floors complete with the works of contemporary artists, this massive gallery just outside of the Wynwood area offers a respite from the buzzing Miami lifestyle. With a free entry and various art and technology programs for kids of all ages, De La Cruz Collection is the prime example of an art institution that encourages the local community to take an active interest in the arts.

Margherita Missoni: A New Generation

Designer, mother and style icon. Margherita Missoni is part of the recognized Missoni clan, designers of the one-of-a-kind zig-zag prints and covetable soft knits. Despite having been born under the Missoni brand, Margherita is already looking to make a name of her own with her 1-year old kids apparel company Margherita Kids.

Skincare You Can Eat

With his trademark “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”, Dr. Alkaitis is raising the bar for all beauty companies looking to delve into the organic beauty market. Based out of sunny California, Dr. Alkaitis is a skincare brand made 100% from plants and free of any type of hazardous chemicals, synthetics, GMOs and animal testing.

Kelly Wearstler: Never Too Bold

Simplicity is not a word that can be associated with Kelly Wearstler. Her spaces, filled with fun and bold accents, have become her trademark. This irreverence to simplicity has taken Kelly beyond the confinements of the interior designer title to jewelry designer, rug designer and consultant for several brands around the world.

Beauty The Cleaner Way

While it is true that true beauty is achieved from the inside out, what products we put on our skin can also make an impact to our health. Rose-Marie Swift, is the makeup artist now turned beauty entrepreneur behind RMS Beauty. She was prompted to create a more natural range of cosmetic products after she developed an unfortunate health issue associated with the chemicals in the beauty product she used to work with.